Emergency and Restoration Services

One of the most daunting and terrifying situations when handling a commercial space is when there is a major accident that leads to damages. When there is flooding, or a fire, or contaminated water where you work, you can’t wait for regular business hours to get help. That is why we at New England Cleaning Services, Inc.™ provide 24/7 customer support and can quickly attend to whatever emergency you have.

All of our workers go through extensive training and are knowledgeable about potential hazards so that they are able to handle any of these situations safely and effectively:

  • Fire damage – Fire can not only damage floors, walls and other structures but can also leave smoke and debris.
  • Water damage – Large leaks can lead to moisture entering your carpet and floors.
  • Presence of smoke and odor – Following a fire, you will need more than Febreze to address the situation.
  • “Class 3” water contamination leaks – Class 3 indicates a full saturation of ceilings, insulation, flooring and subfloors.
  • Presence of mold – If left untreated, mold can pose health risks and spread into subfloors and other areas.

In some cases, a cleanup is sufficient to return your commercial space to its original state, but in many cases the damage requires more work. In addition to cleanup, we also perform restorations on damaged floors to ensure that there is no moisture or contaminants remaining.

We understand how stressful and challenging these situations can be, which is why we work closely with you and other necessary parties such as insurance agencies to help you return to normal operations. You can even continue operations while we work on restorations so that no time is lost! We have been providing services to the greater Boston area, Metro West area, and North and South shores for over 25 years and pride ourselves on our relationships with each of our clients. If you experience a water leak, find mold, or if you need emergency restoration services, please contact us or call our office in Waltham, MA at (781) 890-2000 for a free estimate!