Vinyl Composition Tile Cleaning


Floors are one of the major areas you can see an immediate difference in after cleaning. Especially for areas with high foot traffic, which can lead to dirty and scuffed floors, a professional cleaning and refinishing can instantly make a world of difference in appearance. Vinyl Composition Tiles (VCT) are a very common flooring used […]

Stone Refinishing

Here at New England Cleaning Services, Inc.™, we provide high quality commercial cleaning services to a wide range of facilities such as hospitals, office spaces, manufacturing facilities, controlled environments, and educational institutions. Aside from the wide array of commercial cleaning, we also provide project services, which include tile and stone refinishing. Many buildings have tile, […]

Concrete Grinding Examples

Example 1 This was part of a project we completed in a warehouse space. The owner wanted to have a finished, highly polished look, while being durable enough to still function as a vehicle drive in bay and loading dock. The solution was a Concrete Grinding. Concrete was ground down to a level surface, a […]